Learn What is Digital Marketing and Modules

Digital Marketing
Digital Marketing

You know nowadays Digital Marketing is booming, it has made drastic changes in the world.

Here in RaoDM DigiMarket, you can learn what is Digital Marketing and Modules, benefits of using it and how it helps your website to rank high.

What is Digital Marketing ?

It is a component where you can promote your services and products through online based digital technologies like Desktops, Mobile and Tablet etc.

Online marketing is a web-based technology channel to spread the awareness of products later it started growing more and more.

Here are the digital marketing modules: SEO, SMO, SMM, Analytics, Content Writing, Affiliate Marketing, Email Marketing, and Google Ads etc.

Lets learn about Digital Marketing Modules:

Digital Marketing Modules
Digital Marketing Modules

Here is the list of major digital marketing modules which helps you to reach your customers easily and grow your presence.

SEOSearch Engine Optimization is the process of increasing the traffic to the website and visibility of your site in organic search so you can rank higher on Search Engines.
SMO(SMO) Social media optimization is used to increase awareness of your products and services by optimizing Social media business pages (also called social SEO).
SMMSocial Media Marketing is used to promote your products and services through social media channels.
You can also pay to have an ad on social media (like Facebook ads, LinkedIn ads and insta ads, etc).
Google AnalyticsUsing analytics you can measure search channels, advertising ROI and track reports of website traffic.
Google AdsGoogle Ads is an online advertising platform, where you can run the paid campaign for your services and products through different ad networks.
Content marketingGenerates traffic with proper context and guidance for your users using keywords, it is the foundation of digital marketing and SEO.
Email marketingIt has the highest ROI where you can generate leads and convert them into customers by running email campaigns (tools like Mailchimp and saleshandy etc).
Affiliate MarketingAffiliate marketing is a process of earning income when you promote someone else’s products and services.

Benefits of Digital Marketing :

Here are the benefits of Digital marketing :

  • Reach the right people at the right time through social media or a search engine like google, yahoo and bing etc.
  • Allows smaller businesses to hold a top-ranking position with the help of SEO techniques and strategies.
  • Brand awareness is very important to start a business, for that you can run PPC and SMM ad campaigns.
  • Paid ads are advertising that you have to pay for your ad and target the people according to demographic and control over budding, placement and size of the ad.
  • You can generate leads with Email Marketing and cold callings.
  • To increase traffic, Content Marketing is very important, just follow the search engine guidance.
  • Social Media Ads help reach targeted audiences and drives quality traffic.
  • A mobile-friendly site is easy to use on any mobile device.
Benefits of DM



Digital Marketing Modules

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